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vigil  cuatro 

 Today’s most sophisticated and modern, multimode Automatic Activation Device. It is a revolutionary safety device, with no imposed maintenance schedule. The Vigil® Cuatro will automatically check all of its functional features each time it is switched on. TheVigil® Cuatro will detect any anomalies by itself. Should an abnormality be found, the controller will display an error message , and the Vigil® Cuatro unit will not switch on. In this case, the Vigil® Cuatro needs to be analyzed by an authorized dealer, or sent back to the factory for analysis. The Vigil® Cuatro is designed for a life expectancy of maximum 20 years from the date of manufacture. The above life expectancy is based on the fact that the cutter, the Pulses Plus element and the electronic components have been designed for a functional lifetime of 20 years. The Vigil® Cuatro is very user friendly. It can be used in your choice of 4 activation modes: “PRO”, “STUDENT”, “TANDEM” or “XTREME”. The Vigil® Cuatro, an ALL-IN-ONE Automatic Activation Device (AAD) will also work in U.S. or Metric standards units. 

AAD nv/sa (1986), is an engineering company specialised in safety automation  systems with Headquarters in Brussels.
Since 1997 AAD nv/sa has been focusing on the development of security devices for skydivers, by combining our expertise with those of professional skydivers, riggers and manufacturers.


    • 2016: New Vigil Cuatro on the market 

    • 2014: New Vigil 2+ on the market.

    • 2012 &2013: over 30.000 units fielded and 150+ reported life saves
    • 2010 & 2011: More than 20.000 units and 120 life saves
    • 2009: 13.000 Units in the field and 60 life saves
    • 2008: 10.000 Units in the field…
    • 2007: The new Guardian Angel, The Vigil II entered the market…
    • 2006: More than 5000 Vigils in the field.
    • 2005: More than 100 dealers worldwide
    • 2004: Several reported life saves
    • 2003: The Vigil® entered the market and started to serve skydivers
    • 2002: Patent granted, the Vigil® project was born
    • 2001: First prototypes were tested
    • 2000: Electronic static started
    • 1999: A European patent was introduced

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