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Simple and Effective!  PMI set out to incorporate a MARD into their harness/container systems that is just that…  simple and effective…. The ACE (Accelerated Canopy Extraction) system, has been in development for over 18 months and has undergone extensive ground and live jump testing. Proving that this simple design is the most reliable and consistent MARD on the market today.

The all new Glide!! This harness/container system has everything. reliable function, safety, comfort and style our new reserve container design has excellent coverage/containment as well as outstanding emergency deployment characteristics. our new “wrap around-style” design provides for perfect staging of reserve deployment while having significantly reduced container restriction forces in the event of a total malfunction. 
‘up tuck’ style secure main pin protection with modern main bridle routing, virtually eliminates main bridle piercing and provides for superior main pin protection in all genres of flying. all new custom design capabilities with our optional 3 or 5 stripe mid flap designs. Custom color embroidery is available.

Stealth Option

We always try to go the extra mile. Nothing different can be expected when it comes to our Stealth package. We went to the fullest extent once again….

Here is what we include in our Stealth package: Main Ring and main lift web hardware, (Base Rings, hip and chest rings), Legstrap adjusters, Chest Strap Adjusters, Main riser hardware, grommets, guide rings and soft loops, Release housings, Reserve housings, Main Pilot chute, Main Fabric (F1-11), Mesh, Support Tapes, EVEN the centerline is Black.



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Introducing Peregrine Manufacturing, Inc., the newest USA manufacturer of quality harness & container systems. It is with great pleasure to announce Dave Singer and Aggie Haggas as the owners of Peregrine Manufacturing, Inc., (PMI) previously Altico and now the manufacturer of the GLIDE, AND TRITON harness and container systems. Dave and Aggie have been working side by side for 13 years. They look forward to this new venture as co-owners of PMI.  “We are honored to have this opportunity, and we hope to respectfully represent the heritage in which Mike Furry has been so deeply involved.”

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ACE - Accelerated Canopy Extraction

Mard System

Type 8 or 17 main risers with nv toggles Reserve static line (rsl)
Reserve ripcord (d handle) 
Custom handle pockets 
Reserve pilotchute freebag and bridle 
BOC hand deploy pc kill-line with pvc handle 
Main deployment bag 
Cadmium hardware standard mlw (no articulation)


Kush backpad kustom
Quilted backpad 
Spacer foam backpad 
Stainless steel hardware articulated mlw (harness) Articulated Harness hip rings, or hip/chest rings 
Endless color and design options 


Freefly Nub,

Blaze Main Deployment Bag, 

Wing Suit Option,

Collapsible Pilot Chute

and the new

Semi Stowless deployment bag…