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Javelin Odyssey - Standard Features

Cut-In Lateral
Skyhook RSL Compatibility
Stainless Steel Hardware
Kill Line Pilot Chute with Hackey, Freefly Pud or Pull-Out handle
Phat Daddy Cutaway Handle
Choose our stainless steel D Handle or Phat Daddy Reserve Rip Cord to customize your rig.
Type 7 Harness Construction
Deep Reserve Handle Pocket
Anti Twist Main Risers
Easy Grip Main and Reserve Control Toggles
Javelin Odyssey, 10th Anniversary, and Sun Path Logos
Choice of Specialty Fabric use our sleek Diamond Back, our fancy Houndstooth or even our retro looking tie dye materials to add a custom look and make your Javelin Odyssey, or Javelin Legacy one of a kind!
Choice of Quilted Para-Pack , Deluxe Spacer Foam Backpad or the Sun Path back pad
AAD Ready
RSL Equipped.

Sun Path Products

With iconic design, pioneering innovation, and a precedent of leadership, the Sun Path Products line of harness container systems continues to envision what other rigs might someday be, and value from today forward. Sun Path Products is dedicated to offering the finest parachuting equipment for both the sport and military markets. Continuous research, development, and testing coupled with equipment evaluation by some of the most exceptional skydivers in the world position Sun Path Products to be one of the foremost skydiving equipment manufactures in the global market.

Drop Away Main Container Design Does Not Impede Main Bag Extraction During Deployment
Tapered 2-Stow Deployment Bag
Wing Suit Specific Pilot Chute & Handle

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Airflow Channels Provide Unparalleled Comfort
This channeled back-pad offers “standoff” between the rig and the jumpers back, allowing air to circulate, keeping the wearer cooler than a standard back-pad. The back pad is available on the Javelin Odyssey in black.
Stainless Steel Articulated Harness
Stainless steel rings at the hips and chest provide a pivot point for the main lift web. Available in a four ring version (hip and chest) on the Javelin Legacy and two or four ring on the Odyssey.
Embroidery that's sure to get you noticed

javelin odyssey

Neoprene Collar is an Aerodynamic Advantage Eliminating Airflow Under the Container
Oversized BOC Pocket Allows Precise Positioning of Deployment Handle
Articulated Harness
Adjustable Lateral- Allows the Jumper to Accurately Position the Container in Response to Different Wing Suit Designs
Magnetic Riser Covers -The Magnetic Riser Covers Were Designed to Stay Closed During Flight, and Open Evenly During Low-Speed Deployments.

The Javelin Odyssey has set the standard for safety, comfort and durability since 2001. The choice of more world champions than any other harness container system, the Odyssey continues today as one of the most popular in the world. Our continuing process of testing new materials and manufacturing processes will ensure the Odyssey is the best choice for you, for years to come. We are proud to provide all of the features below standard on every Javelin Odyssey system!

javelin aurora

Javelin Aurora - Overview

[Javelin Odyssey] The Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year project that was specifically focused on providing Competition and Recreational wing suit pilots a purpose-built container with the emphasis placed on main deployment characteristics during forward flight.

The entire harness container system was designed with comfort in mind while improving aerodynamics.

The Javelin Aurora is designed for Wingsuit use only, and is not intended for BASE jumping.

A perfect combination with the Wing Suit CYPRES 

Distinct style with undivided attention to detail. Adding an “A” or “V” stripe to your reserve pin cover or #3 flap is an another way to customize your Javelin Odyssey, add the optional pin stripes for an even more personal touch.
Optional Freefly Handle With Tuck Tab

Javelin Aurora - Features